My name is Coralis and I’m a native English teacher from Puerto Rico, USA, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. I studied Communications at California State University, Los Angeles. After graduation, I visited Spain, where I fell in love with its people, its culture and its lifestyle. I went back to the United States, but Spain always remained in my thoughts. In 2010, I finally decided to move to Spain where my teaching journey began.

As an American, I realised most Spanish speakers were struggling to learn the language and develop fluency while speaking. At first, I volunteered to help children and adults improve their English  language skills then I noticed this was a major issue. From my personal experience, I knew how hard it is to become fluent in a foreign language. I truly wanted to help more and do something about it. One of the main needs in learning English in Spain is oral communication. Therefore, I was determined to do everything in my power to help students differentiate pronunciation, vocabulary and oral expressions between both languages while speaking.

I taught for over 10 years, in various settings like private, semi-private schools, academies and businesses. During a period of time while teaching primary level I designed a teaching method. The original learning program is based on improving oral communication while developing listening, reading and writing skills. 

Since the foundation of True North Language School this method has been implemented with consecutive proven results of improvement for hundreds of students. Our institution encourages  fun activities for an enjoyable learning experience!    

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